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  • Full Name:Igor Misic
  • Email:igor.misic@imtech.hr
  • Website:imtech.hr

Hello There!

I'm an experienced professional specializing in PX4 Drone Autopilot, safety-critical and secure embedded systems, firmware development, bootloader implementation, microcontrollers, MISRA integration, and C/C++ programming. Passionate about delivering high-quality solutions and driving innovation in the field. Currently engaged in B2B contracts, collaborating with leading organizations to enhance their technological capabilities.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • UAV Software Developer

    IMTech - 2019 - Current

    ● Conducted research and development on various flight controller boards including Skynode, PixHawk, PixRacer, SPRacingH7, MatekH7Slim, CUAV Nora, and Kakute F7.

    ● Worked extensively on multiple layers of PX4, encompassing drivers, modules, library, and NuttX RTOS, in both C and C++ languages for different microcontrollers.

    ● Recognized as a maintainer in the PX4 Autopilot flight controller community

    ● Engaged with flight control algorithms

    ● Integrated and enhanced drivers for various sensors including airspeed sensors, IMU, magnetometers, barometers, and GPS modules.

    ● Contributed to improvements in actuator control by replacing PWM with digital data (DShot)

    ● Ported PX4 Autopilot to a flash-restricted STM32H750 board by executing a portion of the code directly from external FLASH and running time-critical code from RAM.

    ● Implemented communication between PX4 and uAvioniX ADS-B Transceiver for traffic control via MavLink.

    ● Created various types of tests, including black-box tests, stress tests, unit tests, and integration tests.

    ● Utilized Gazebo in Software-in-the-Loop (SITL) for the development of navigation algorithms.

    ● Worked with Simulation In Hardware (SIH) to simulate flight on real hardware.

    ● Significant experience collaborating with multicultural teams, both remotely and onsite, fostering effective communication, adaptability, and successful project outcomes

    ● Active FPV drone pilot, I continually engage in flying drones, honing my piloting skills and gaining practical insights that complement my technical expertise

  • Embedded Software Developer

    Rimac Automobili - 2018 - 2020

    ● Developed an onboard charger and insulation monitoring device as part of research and development work in Power Electronics.

    ● Designed and implemented digital filters and developed drivers for essential components such as the ADC, serial NOR, and NAND Flash memory.

    ● Created unit and integration tests in VectorCast.

    ● Utilized communication protocols including SPI, UART, and CAN, all based on the MPC5744P, MPC5748G, and TMS320F28 microcontrollers.

    ● Wrote all code in C and ensured compliance with ASIL safety standards throughout the development process.

    ● Prioritized safety as a top concern for this project.

    ● Gained valuable experience in developing safety-critical systems and using automotive safety standards to achieve reliable and secure designs.

  • Embedded Software Developer

    Cetitec GmbH - 2015 - 2018

    ● Worked extensively on the development of various automotive components, including bus converters (gateways) for different buses, as an embedded software developer.

    ● Utilized a development process based on ISO26262 and adhered to the MISRA set of software development guidelines to ensure that the final product is safe and reliable.

    ● Developed other automotive components and drivers, as needed, using C or C++ programming languages.

    ● Demonstrated a deep understanding of the automotive industry's unique safety requirements throughout the work.

    ● Delivered solutions that meet rigorous safety standards in the automotive industry.

  • System And Network Administrator

    Infobip - 2011 - 2014

    ● Mostly worked on things that today would DevOps do.

  • Education

  • Master’s Program in Information and Communication Technology

    • Wireless Access Networks

    • Mobile Internet

    • Satellite Communication Technology

    • Video Communication Technologies

    • Antennas and Propagation

    • Radio-Frequency Systems

    • Microwave Engineering

    • Radio-frequency and microwave measurements

    • Organizational psychology

  • Bachelor's Degree, Electronic and Computer Engineering

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - 2010 - 2012

    • Embedded Systems

    • Electronics

    • Computer Architecture

    • Digital Logic

    • Automatic control systems

    • Programming and Software Engineering

    • Algorithms and Data Structures

    • Communication skills

  • High School, Electrician

    Technical School Pula 2002 - 2006

    Senior work: Tesla transformer.

My Services

Embedded software programming

Firmware, bootloader, drivers, board support packages development.

Drone software consultant

PX4 Autopilot contributor, providing modification on top of PX4 stack.


The architecture of embedded systems together with complete ecosystems, including cloud-based servers..



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